FINEXUS is built different!

MyXaaS Innovation Platform


We like to be agents of change by taking care of what matters now. We strive to help start-ups, entrepreneurs and socialpreneurs by providing them a combination of enabling technologies, financial services and business advisory support. That means guidance from real people with real-world know-hows. We hope to turn their ideas into reality, to thrive and create jobs in a way that drives positive social impact.

Uniquely, Finexus is the only company in Malaysia offering MyXaaS – Everything as a Service innovation technology platform, our personal belief at least. Some have IaaS, some have SaaS, some have FaaS, but no one has everything! FINEXUS has the sum of all ‘aaS’ and when we put them together, we have created the MyXaaS Innovation Platform. Some services even require regulatory approval and licenses, which make things more difficult for many entities to acquire such approvals.

What is in the MyXaaS Innovation Platform?

With Open APIs, another innovative use of technology, we will open all our technology and financial services to allow the start-ups, entrepreneurs and socialpreneurs and other mid-growth companies to access our services.

Infrastructure as a Service

We host our payment systems at our fully owned and self-operated data centres, which are approved at the strictest Level 1 of PCI-DSS and Tier III Certified Infrastructure Design with 99.5% service up-time.

(Ready by Q1, 2022)

Software as a Service

  • E-KYC (AIV or Applicant’s Identification and Verification)
  • Customer Credit Scoring and Analysis (ACDD or Automated Customer Due Diligence)
  • Alternative Customer Risk Scoring and Analysis (Ready by Q2, 2022)
  • Digital Signatures
  • E-wallets/International Prepaid Cards and Payments
  • Retail Banking (Ready by Q1, 2022)
  • Statutory Submission (Ready by Q1, 2022)
  • Blockchain (Ready by Q1, 2022)

Financial as a Service

E-money Financial
  • Issuance of Visa Prepaid
  • Issuance Mastercard Prepaid
  • E-commerce Payment Gateway
  • Merchants Database
  • Wallet Database
  • Internet Top-Ups
  • Bill Payments
Retail Financial (Ready by Q1, 2022)
  • Personal SME Loan
  • Investment/CASA Account
  • Fund Transfer/Remittance
  • DuitNow Services
Insurance (Ready by Q1, 2022)
  • General Insurance
  • Life Insurance

MyXaaS Everything as a Service Innovation Platform

Startup Ecosystem Community

Startup Ecosystem Community diagram for MyXaaS


Software as a Service Depository

Software as a Service Depository for MyXaaS


Financial as a Service Depository

Financial as a Service Depository for MyXaaS