LHDN e-Invoicing Mandate Compliance by 1st August 2024.

In the latest Budget speech in October 2023, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim, revealed plans to implement e-Invoicing in stages for the purpose of improving the efficiency of Malaysia’s tax administration management. Companies with a revenue exceeding RM100 million are required to adhere to this mandate by August 1, 2024, while all other companies must comply by 2025.

Finexus responded promptly, recognising the significant impact it will have on the industry. We are delighted to introduce our e-Invoicing solution: AREMA

AREMA is designed to comprehensively address and handle LHDN’s e-Invoicing compliance mandate.

For banks or companies needing hosting on a single-tenant instance

Whether for regulatory compliance, adherence to RMiT guidelines, unique system integration or a tailored processing flow

Available for self-serve use on a subscription basis

Logo of Arema, by Finexus Group
Key features:
  • No or minimal changes to your host systems
  • No or minimal adjustments required for future LHDN enhancements
  • Extension of the database to accommodate missing LHDN data fields in your host databases
  • Auto Data Enrichment or Populator
  • Reconciliation among bank sources, General Ledger, and LHDN
  • Handling of operational exceptions
  • LHDN e-Invoicing Gateway
  • Provision of Managed Services in a secure environment – PCI DSS, BNM RMiT CTRAG certified, with sensitive data encrypted at rest


Finexus will exclusively provide AREMA on a SaaS model, hosted on Finexus Cloud. Our Finexus Cloud adheres to top-tier security standards, including PCI DSS Level 1, RMiT CTRAG, ISO27001, and SOC 2.

We strive to inspire confidence in your outsourcing decision. Our extensive track record involves managing Cloud services since 2009, with thorough regulatory approval.

Why Us?

Since the year 2000, Finexus’ flagship products have been in the regulatory reporting compliance sector. We provide comprehensive regulatory reporting compliance solutions to the entire banking industry through BNM ISS-NSRS, CCRIS, and ESS.

Our offerings extend to regulatory payments compliance solutions facilitated by PayNet and BNM, covering systems like the DuitNow RPP Retail Payment Platform, RENTAS MX compliance, and e-SPICK Cheque Processing Systems.

Backed by years of proven, invaluable hands-on experience which underscores our commitment, we stand ready to assist banks and companies in complying with LHDN and/or Government directives.

Time is of the essence.

We would like to present our solution and services to your bank or company.

Please contact us for any inquiries by sending an email to


We would like to present our solution and services to your bank or company.

Please contact us for any inquiries by sending an email to us.

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