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Finexus Group proud moment …

As the first company in Malaysia to go live with LHDN e-Invoicing in the production environment on 15 May 2024, Finexus is pleased to share the official letter of recognition from LHDN here.

We are also proud to announce that we have successfully went live with Peppol on 26 June 2024. See official letter of recognition from MDEC here.

Finexus has the privilege to process for 100+ companies, with a monthly total of 1 mil+ invoices, as their LHDN e-Invoice Service Provider as of 1 July 2024.

We have cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to small companies including MSMEs and Micro-Businesses that serve walk-in customers.

Taxman Compliance Simplified!

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Finexus AREMA – LHDN e-Invoicing Solution

Our solutions are comprehensively designed to meet the LHDN e-Invoicing compliance mandate for every business type including Banks, MNCs, Corporate Bodies, Companies (large or small) and Retailers (walk-in and online customers).

All your customer data are securely stored in Malaysia!

Effortlessly Navigate Malaysian e-Invoicing Compliance:
Local Expertise, Global Standards


Single Tenant Database

Use Cases

For banks or insurance companies where we will tailor-make our AREMA solution to fit your bank or insurance company requirements while complying with BNM RMiT guidelines

For any large MNCs or corporations which prefer exclusive managed services


  • Finexus will automate and integrate to the many banks or insurance systems to our AREMA middleware platform and customise our AREMA application to suit banks or insurance companies’ specific requirements
  • Real-time API
  • Auto batch upload
  • e-Invoice instant creation
  • Dedicated Technical Support 24/7


Multi-Tenant Database

Use Cases

For more established companies with accounting systems (e.g. SAP, Sage, etc.) or other ERP systems requiring integration of their accounting systems to AREMA, which functions as the middleware


  • Finexus will work with companies to integrate their Accounting or ERP System to our AREMA middleware platform for a seamless invoicing process flow without manual work
  • Real-time API (optional)
  • Auto batch upload
  • e-Invoice instant creation
  • Dedicated Technical Support 24/7


Multi-Tenant Database

Use Cases

For SMEs or MSMEs preferring to manually key in or bulk upload into AREMA Web Portal on a self-service basis

For cost-effective, easy entry to AREMA using DIY approach


  • Finexus will provide a self-service web portal for your submission, with an easy online dashboard report
  • Bulk upload
  • e-Invoice instant creation
  • Email Support:
    Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm (Response within 2 Business Days)

Customers Self-Generate

Multi-Tenant Database

Use Cases

For retail shops, outlets, supermarkets, and F&B restaurants with B2C walk-in or online customers, where customers can self-generate their LHDN-validated invoices at their convenience without holding up the queue at the counter

For any other businesses with B2C walk-in or online customers


  • Finexus will enable the merchants’ existing POS system to print a QR code. Customers can then scan the QR code on the receipt, using a mobile device camera or the FINEXUS FIDU App, to obtain the e-Invoice. Alternatively, MSME merchants without a POS system, or those using only a QR standee, can also use our Finexus’ Kayaaku POS App (ordering menu) to generate their sales / invoice data and QR code
  • Kiosks and vending machines can be enabled to display the QR code on their panel screen for customers to scan after a completed purchase
  • General Call Centre:
    Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm (Business Days only)

Promotion Deals!

  • 2-in-1 EDC
  • Finexus EDC accepts DuitNow, Mastercard, Visa, and Alipay payments
  • EDC generates receipts with LHDN-validated QR for customers for them to self-generate an e-Invoice

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Benefits For All Models

  • Daily reconciliation of invoices between your business, AREMA, and LHDN
  • Validated e-Invoices emailed to your customers
  • Data storage of invoices for up to 7 years or as mandated
  • Shielding of your business from changes required for future LHDN compliances
  • Stringent security standards at application and system level to protect your business from unauthorised actions by users and hackers

Combine the Models

For companies with both corporate and walk-in (or online) customers, we will propose a combination of 2 models (i.e., Enterprise and Retail, Premium and Retail, etc.) to resolve your compliance mandate.

We can also white-label our AREMA LHDN e-Invoicing platform for Enterprise or Premium model that requires Retail model solution for branding.

your One-Stop Technology Provider for LHDN e‑Invoicing Solutions!

Taxman Compliance Simplified!

What Finexus Warrants for our Customers?

  • No or minimal changes to your banking, insurance or retail systems (i.e. POS, ERP, Accounting or Billing systems), where customisation work is only applied on your systems’ interface or integration to your systems
  • No or minimal adjustments required for future LHDN enhancements, considering the multiple enhancements expected over the next two years as a new national project
  • AREMA acts as middleware and LHDN gateway to interface and integrate with your numerous company systems, saving upgrades to your company systems as a whole
  • Storage of any additional information of the required LHDN’s 55+ data items, saving upgrades to your company systems as a whole
  • Data storage for 7 years in full compliance to LHDN
  • Preload with LHDN Validation Rules, which will be updated over the system life
  • Mapping of Tax Payer Host Data Items to AREMA Staging Data Items
  • Tax Payer Business Rules Application, which may require local customisation (for Enterprise and Premium models only)
  • User Data Enrichment capabilities, with full built-in data entry screens in AREMA system
  • Ability to process both Individual and Consolidated, Self-Bill Invoices, Credit, Debit, and Refunds
  • Reconciliation between Accounting Systems or ERP, with AREMA and LHDN
  • Function to capture amendment reasons or notes for historical purposes
  • Incomplete, Error or Exception Transactions Alerts, via emails or SMS (charges apply for SMS)
  • Flexible e-Invoice Submission Workflow
  • Email user notification or alerts with support of SMS Alerts (charges apply for SMS)
  • Automated Housekeeping and Archival functions to maximise performance and safe data-keeping offsite
  • Validation and Exception Handling conformance to LHDN rules (e.g., incorrect TIN etc.)
  • Ability to support Multiple Business Entities in one, unified platform
  • Hosted in top-tier or bank-grade secure environment, attested with PCI DSS Level 1 auditing and BNM RMiT (for bank and insurance industry) compliance
  • Upgrade of EDC to support LHDN e-Invoicing requirements, offering a viable alternative to your current EDC for payment processing

Please note some of the features and functions above are only available for Enterprise and Premium models.

About Finexus

Finexus is a 100% Malaysian technology company incorporated in 2000 with HQ in Kuala Lumpur. Finexus is well-known for supplying critical regulatory payments and reporting systems to the banking industry on SaaS (Software as a Service) basis, on its own cloud (data centres), in Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya.

We have over 700 talents to serve the market. To date, we are serving over 100 Banking, Regulatory Bodies and FinTech companies across ASEAN and Hong Kong.

Traditionally, we serve the banking and FinTech industries, as they require critical computing services and a high level of commitment. Today, we strive to provide you with a solution of equal quality, professionalism, and commitment.

Time is of the essence.

Please reach out to us for a quick chat to explore a competitive solution for you and your business. We can almost assure you that we will have a solution for you. We look forward to speaking with you.

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