We deliver high performances and meet regulatory compliance expectations 100%

If you’re looking for quality regulatory compliances solutions that deliver high performances and meet regulatory compliances expectations, then look no further than FINEXUS GROUP.

We have been supplying regulatory solutions for the past 20+ years in the Malaysian banking industry.

We have proven ready working solutions to comply with BNM, PAYNET and PIDM regulatory or authority bodies for the banking industry.  


Our STARWorks solution is designed to assist banks and meet the following objectives

A centralised, standard and unified platform for submission of financial, monetary and economic data to replace the various statistical submission systems at the Bank

A common information portal to act as the gateway for all external and internal stakeholders to access data and manage the information.

Automation to remove the manual tediousness of compiling and processing vast volume of bank data

Ensure quality and timely submission to uphold the good name of the Bank


STARWorks™ is a state-of-the-art secure and highly-reliable automated statistical reporting system that provides timely quality financial data reports to banking authorities for regulation compliance.

It speedily automates and schedules repetitive and mundane data extraction tasks from a centralised data repository with multiple data consistency checks to ensure accurate and reliable reporting.

Its strength lies in its user-empowerment and flexibility of its data reports. Its visual data mapper allows extensive data mapping with total ease. It supports data aggregation, averaging, groupings, complex filtering and many other statistical tools with minimum of effort.

Our suite of STARWorks products includes

2. STARWorks ESS
3. STARWorks CCRIS (Credit)
4. STARWorks Quadrant

Our latest solution is STARWorks Quadrant which is designed to handle BNM DQF (Data Quality Framework) guideline dated 1st Sept 2018, BNM 3MDQ (3 months Data Quality guideline issued in April 2019) and BNM OBR (Outbound Reports guideline issued in June 2019)

Our regulatory compliance management or messaging solutions enable banks to automate and improve business performance. Our flexible technology systems and services allow organisations to more efficiently adapt to changing regulations or centralise all the reporting information on a single platform.


ePAYMENZ™ is an integrated enterprise payment gateway for a wide range of payment systems used in Malaysia including PAYNET Duitnow, BNM RENTAS, MyClear Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG), Financial Process Exchange (FPX) and SWIFT.

It greatly simplifies massive volumes of payment workflows and reduces operational costs while still maintaining high data integrity and timely delivery of online payment information.

Every payment made and received is available electronically and accessible anywhere in the organisation. Instructions or confirmations can be communicated electronically where online reports can be retrieved by every user for immediate reference.

It employs a modular architecture that’s highly scalable for the implementation of any payment interface.


CHEQUEWORKS® is a comprehensive and secure cheque truncation solution that provides financial institutions with the full capability of processing physical cheques for both outward and inward clearing.

Its security features ensure compliance with the local banking authority’s image quality assurance (IQA) policy for cheque-processing, a signature verification system and integration with the Positive Pay fraud detection tool.

Among its various benefits are the reduced lag time between the cheque-presentation and the realisation of proceeds, speedier cheque-clearing and settlement, significant improvement in operational efficiency through the streamlining of back-office processes and long term savings.


COREWORKS™ is a world-class enterprise core banking solution for versatile, real time and integrated banking service needs.

Beyond the standard suite of banking features, COREWORKS™ includes a powerful and flexible product builder that allows the bank to build innovative customer-centric products to meet its strategic business goals. It streamlines the product development process and enables short time-to-market product launches, putting the bank at the forefront of the financial industry to seize any market opportunity.

Its open architecture is platform-independent, allowing seamless integration with any banking system. This resilience also allows COREWORKS™ to integrate with any financial accounting system (to comply with existing accounting standards) as well as any third-party systems (such as card management system, cheque and cash deposit machines, cheque clearing systems etc).

Among its numerous customer-centric features is its sophisticated support of multiple channels, which include highly-secure Internet and mobile devices. It is bundled with a feature, empowering the bank’s customers to activate and configure their choices of SMS alerts and notifications.

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