Finexus Group of Companies

Leading technology and financial services companies connecting and
serving consumers, businesses,
banks and central banks.

We are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and our business interests spans from New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and ASEAN to India. Currently, we service over 80+ banks and financial institutions in the region.

We are a diversified technology financial
services company

We are a

Data Processor (Outsourcing) for VISA, Mastercard, WeChat Pay, Alipay, UPI, JCB, MCCS, Napas, MPU and LAPS.

We are a

Digital Money Services Provider licensed by Central Bank of Malaysia for VISA, Mastercard, Alipay and CCB Long Pay.

We are a

Regulatory Solutions Provider for the whole banking industry in Malaysia

With our technology solutions and services, we hope to help improve the daily lives of the unbanked / underserved people and migrants in our local communities via financial inclusion​​ and also by enabling our corporate clients / partners around the world to do same for their own community’s needs. We also desire to turn our society into a cashless society to improve daily lives purchase and payment conveniences and help promote cash liquidity and management.

In the banking industry, we supply our regulatory solutions and assist many banks meeting their quality regulatory reporting compliances to the Central Bank. The Central Bank will data-mine the tons of financial data collected from the industry and in-turn churn-out meaningful information to formulate sound financial policies for the nation.



Finexus Campus

FINEXUS Group of companies are currently headquartered in Finexus Campus, Titiwangsa Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The building is 5-levels 50,000sf signature office and built-in with a lot of amenities and also houses a lifestyle café and lounges. We have a 110-Racks space Data Center that is PCI-DSS Level-1 validated and Tier-3 DC Status.


Finexus Towers

FINEXUS Group’s business continuity center is located at Star Central, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We called it Finexus Towers and it is a twin 8-levels 40,000sf offices building. We have a 100-Racks space Data Center that is PCI-DSS Level-1 validated and Tier-3 DC Status.


Finexus@City Center

Our regulatory compliances R&D team is housed in our office in the heart of the city at Level 29 Menara KH, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We called it Finexus@CityCenter and it has an office space of about 10,500sf with a 150+ seating capacity.


We also own and runs 3 R&D and Data Centres in Jakarta and Alam Sutera, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand (rented). The total office space in Indonesia is about 25,000sf.

We are thankful for the Group’s dramatic success over the past 20 years.
Since its beginning in January 2000, Finexus have grown


From a 5-man strength company to a 400-man strength group of companies today.


From a humble rented office of 1300sf to own-properties of 120,000sf+ valued at RM90mil+ including contents


From a seed money of RM250K to a paid-up capital RM30mil+ in the group of companies


From 2 clients in Malaysia to 80+ clients in ASEAN


From average annual revenue of RM1mil to RM50mil+


Our book orders is healthy with about RM250mil+ worth of orders to be processed


Nett book assets > RM100mil+


From a single market in Malaysia and now we expanded our market interest across 8 time zones from one-end New Zealand, Australia to Malaysia, ASEAN and the other-end India