Finexus to enable bill-splitting Leasy App on its platform

finexus paynet agreement nst

KUALA LUMPUR: Finexus is enabling bill-splitting Leasy App on its MyXaaS Innovation Platform with up to RM500,000 funding from Payment Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet).

Leasy App has been selected by Finexus as one of the six most promising fintech start-up finalists at PayNet’s inaugural FinTech ePayments Accelerator Programme in August.

PayNey director of retail payment services Khairuan Abdul Rahman said PayNet builds and maintains an inclusive digital payment system that is accessible to all.

“The FinTech ePayments Accelerator Programme has been designed for our ecosystem participants like Finexus to help nurture and grow promising fintechs in solving known pains by leveraging on our payments platform in new and innovative ways.

“The Leasy App’s innovative bill machine-reading technology that integrates DuitNow Request for bill splitting has the potential of solving known problems and ultimately improving the user experience for Malaysians,” he said.

As part of the agreement, Finexus will be enabling bill-splitting Leasy App to access both its DuitNow Request and eWallet services on MyXaaS Innovation Platform.

“We look forward to accelerate the commercialisation of Leasy App with our ready and proven MyXaaS Innovation Platform without the heavy lifting of compliance, licensing and millions of investments on their part.

“Hence, start-ups can now ride on what we have built for over 20 years as our MyXaaS partner. Not only that, to bring their applications to live with the help of our experienced in-house compliance and software engineers at our MyXaaS Innovation Centre,” Finexus group chief executive officer said Clement Loh. 

To enjoy the full spectrum of benefits as a MyXaaS partner, Leasy creators will be spending most of their time building their app at Finexus’ recently dedicated ground and fourth floor of its RM30 million worth eight-floor Finexus Towers to incubate technology startups.

The 8,000 square feet boasts a wide-open work space, event space, meeting rooms, gardens, surau and free flow of food and drinks for all start-ups to come and create a conducive techno habitat.


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