A Diversified Technology Company offering new MyXaaS Innovation Platform services, Data Processor Services, FinTech Services and Regulatory Solutions

Finexus Group of Companies

Leading technology and financial services companies connecting and serving consumers, businesses, banks and central banks.

With our technology solutions and services, we hope to help improve the daily lives of the unbanked / underserved people and migrants in our local communities via financial inclusion and also enable our corporate clients / partners around the world to do same for their own community.

Digital Money Services Provider

We offer global acceptance prepaid Visa and Mastercard wallets and acquire Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, Alipay Plus payments and provide financial services. We are also the national QR Code DuitNow Sponsor Institution and Direct Participant, offering DuitNow QR payment and funds transfer...

Data Processor Services Provider

We offer Data Processor Services for 3D Secure Acquiring and Issuing Systems, and Payment Gateway Services that are PCI DSS validated for DuitNow, Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay, etc using our in-house, developed full-suite Payment Application Solutions. We also provide ATM Acquiring/Switch Solutions enabling ATM services...

Regulatory Solutions Provider

We supply solutions to assist banks to comply with BNM reporting compliances. We have been supplying solutions to assist banks to comply with BNM reporting compliances for over 20 years…

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