RM75,000 up for grabs at Digital Penang hackathon

Code in a code editor displayed on a laptop screen.

Digital Penang, a state government agency, is holding its first hackathon in collaboration with Finexus Group and TNG Digital, with prizes worth RM75,000 up for grabs.

Through the virtual hackathon, participants will compete to create a fintech digital product that will be judged based on three criteria: innovation, business viability and integration completeness.

Finexus — a financial technology solutions provider — will be opening up its 40 MyXaaS application programming interface on its MyXaaS Innovation Platform for the hackathon event including:

  • e-wallet/international prepaid card (Visa or Mastercard); 
  • applicant identification and verification (e-KYC);
  • automated customer due diligence(background check and credit scoring);
  • merchant plug-in (e-commerce); and
  • technical guidance and advisory


Finexus’ MyXaaS is a new one-of-a-kind platform offering infrastructure, software and financial as a service. It is open to start-ups and mid-growth companies as well as to technopreneurs and socialpreneurs to accelerate, catalyse and enable the development of their digital business ideas for a speedier go-to-market presence.

The hackathon will be held from Nov 12 to Dec 10, allowing participants ample time to create innovative and viable products. The results will be announced by the end of the year.


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