Finexus Launches BNPL Visa Instalment Plan (VIS) for Merchants

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Finexus Launches BNPL Visa Instalment Plan (VIS) for Merchants

Introducing our BNPL Visa Instalment Plan to our esteemed merchants. With VIS, our Finexus merchants can offer their Visa customers flexible instalment plans from three months to three years, with corresponding minimum purchase from RM300 onwards in a single transaction.

What sets Finexus apart from other Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) providers? Here are four compelling reasons of why we stand out:

  1. Universal Card Acceptance: Our POS terminals are designed to accept all Visa credit cards with VIS. This means merchants can invest in a single terminal that caters to all cards from VIS issuing banks, eliminating the need for multiple terminals. With HSBC, Ambank and Standard Chartered Visa cardholders onboard, we anticipate a growing Visa cardholders base from more banks soon. This equates to a larger pool of potential customers for our merchants.
  2. Zero Fees: At Finexus, we view our merchants as valued business partners. That is why Finexus has decided to waive VIS registration and setup fees altogether during this introductory stage.
  3. Competitive Rate: Our merchants benefit from one of the most competitive rates in the VIS industry, ensuring that they do not miss out on a potential customer while optimising their revenue.
  4. Instant Approval: With pre-approved credit from VIS card issuers, merchants can provide instalment plans and immediately complete transactions using only their Finexus payment terminal, without the hassle of separate registration with each credit card issuer bank. This tremendously enhances customer experience.

Finexus remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge payment solutions and simplifying the payment landscape for businesses. To learn more about BNPL Visa Instalment Plan (VIS) from Finexus, please visit our website at and contact

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