Finexus Invited Cyberview’s Head of Innovation and Industry Development at Finexus Start-Up Event

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As Cyberview Tech Business Resident, we have invited Cyberview’s Head of Innovation and Industry Development, Mr Ang Kah Heng to share about the incentives of investing in Cyberjaya, at our MyXaaS Innovation Centre.

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We can attest to this, as one of our offices is in Cyberjaya, housing our business continuity data centre (DC), which is one of the 30+ DCs in this area.

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Another reason we chose Cyberjaya for our office, is our aspiration to connect with the 140,000+ innovators, 400+ startups, and 400+ Malaysia Digital (MD) companies in this strategic area, as a MD company ourselves.

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We hope our startup audience has truly benefited from Mr Ang Kah Heng’s sharing of how they can scale up and grow with us and Cyberview.

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